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Products & Services: 

Debt Financing

Equity Financing


Mergers & Acquisitions

Debt Advisory


We provide clients with strategic and tactical advice on all aspects of raising debt capital, including:


Capital structure analysis

Security structuring

Underwriter/counterparty selection

Offering/lending execution processes

Size and pricing

Equity and debt market positioning and issuance


Working closely with Capital Markets and Alternative Capital Finance firms, we advise clients on:

- Valuation

- Underwriter selection

- Incentive structuring

- Investor targeting

- Listing venue selection

- Syndicate structuring

- Security structuring

- Offering size and pricing

We provide clients with independent, objective financing advice, free of the conflicts of interest inherent in traditional investment and commercial banking models.  
Areas of expertise include:
Sourcing capital
Capital structure analysis
Ratings advisory
Third-party financing evaluation
"Staple financing" assessment

Our clients benefit from our established relationships with all types of public market and private investors, including:


- Traditional private equity funds

- Venture capital funds

- Pension funds 

- Sovereign wealth funds

- Family offices/Private investors

- Strategic investors

- Commercial Banks

- Multilateral Financial Institutions

Corporate Finance Advisory Services
We consider  financial strategy to be interrelated and critical to generating growth and
shareholder returns.
We provide clients with independent and objective advice on a broad range of corporate and financial strategy to optimum
return on capital.
We work closely with our clients to analyze and
solve critical situations.

Terra Capital's  professionals are committed to providing strategic advisory services and capital market solutions for mid-sized businesses and large corporations.

Our clients benefit from our deep industry expertise, broad product capabilities and transaction experience. 

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